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As a leader in pipe tools for professionals, WHEELER-REX has spent more than 60 years in the industry. We know what you need in order to get the job done right the first time, without spending a ton of money to do so. We have test pumps to meet any industry need, including our newest addition to the lineup, our triple diaphragm test pumps.

About WHEELER-REX Test Pumps

Our collection of test pumps ranges from gas to electrically powered hydrostatic test pumps. In addition, we have recently added a few new models to our triple diaphragm line of pumps. Here is a complete list of our WHEELER-REX test pumps:

  • Gas powered hydrostatic test pumps including our diaphragm pump series, twin piston pump series, and roller pump series.
  • Electrically powered hydrostatic test pumps including portable series, twin piston pump series, and plunger pump series
  • Manual powered hydrostatic test pumps including models 29200, 29201, and 29900
  • Specialty hydrostatic test pumps including pneumatic powered, electric or gas-powered fire hose, and trash pumps


Each of these test pumps is designed using decades of hands-on experience and advanced features. In addition, all of the WHEELER-REX test pumps features a comprehensive warranty in case there is ever an issue. We fully back our test pumps so that you can choose our equipment with confidence.

Applications of Test Pumps

With our line of industrial strength test pumps, plumbers and contractors can finally have an affordable, reliable tool on hand. As a distributor interested in the most durable, user-friendly test pumps, the WHEELER-REX brand is renowned for being cost-effective and simple to use over the long term.

By providing you and your distribution network with the most complete lineup of test pumps in the industry, you cover all bases and all jobs. There is next to nothing that your customers will need outside of the WHEELER-REX line of test pumps. This makes your job easier as a distributor while also instilling confidence in your choice of test pumps and associated equipment.

Whether you are a plumber or a distributor, by saving yourself time and money, you extend these savings to your customers. A customer who can save money by choosing your company for quality services will be a customer for life. Build up your brand by utilizing the best test pumps made in the USA that you can buy at WHEELER-REX.

Triple Diaphragm Test Pumps

Our latest addition of the triple diaphragm test pumps offers multiple benefits for your business. These include the following test pump models:

  • Gas triple diaphragm test pumps models 465010 and 567o1o
  • Gas diaphragm hydrostatic test pumps models 466000 and 468000
  • Comet brand triple test pumps models 465210 and 465230


Each of these industrial test pumps is equipped to handle up to 10 percent chlorine solutions. Either of these hardworking triple diaphragm test pumps is a cost-effective solution that helps you increase revenue for your business.

Purchase WHEELER-REX Test Pumps Today

Prepare for whatever the work week throws your way with WHEELER-REX test pumps in your arsenal of tools and equipment. With the WHEELER-REX Advantage, you benefit from a premium quality product design using state of the art materials.

Our extensive collection of industrial grade test pumps is built for professional performance in the workplace. Contact WHEELER-REX today to request a product catalog, price list, or to place an order for test pumps today.