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Threading Machine Smackdown: A Look at the WHEELER-REX Lineup

When you need to thread and cut pipe quickly and effectively, you need strong machinery that will get the job done. At WHEELER-REX, our focus is on providing our clients with the best possible machinery to keep you and your crew working smarter, not harder. Our lineup of threading machines deliver strong results in the shop or field, allowing you to make solid progress on all of your tasks. Here’s a quick look at our entire lineup, giving you the information you need to see the differences between them.

1” Threading Machines

WHEELER-REX has four different 1” threading machines, all of which are full-featured threading machines. The 8991 threads pipe between ½” and 1”, with front and rear chucks, an auto-oiling auto-open notch-type die head, an automatic safety shutoff, a larger carriage and cutter handles for comfort of use and a unique one-blade reamer system. The 8992 has a variation where it comes with the 60131 manual-opening die head for both a ¼” to 1” NPT die as well as a ½” to ¾”, and 1” NPT dies. The 8993 includes two 1/2“ to 1” quick-opening 70131 die heads as well as a ½” to ¾”, and 1” NPT dies. To finish out their 1” line, the 8998 model is the same as the original 8991 model, but uses a 220V motor instead of a 100V motor.

2” Threading Machines

In the 2” threading machine, WHEELER-REX starts out with their 8090 model, which has complete interchangeability with Model 300 dies and heads. It’s a portable, compact threading machine that provides high performance, featuring a self-opening die head and through-the-head oiling system. It comes fully equipped for cutting, threading and reaming. The 8096 features two 80118 die heads, while the 8097 comes with a 897065 Universal Die Head that handles 1/8” to 2” pipe. The 8098, like the 8998 above, features a 220V motor.

4” Threading Machines

With a self-opening die head and through-die oiling, the 6790 delivers adjustable thread length, three-stage oil filtration and a three-flute reamer covering the entire pipe size range from 1/2” to 4” NPT in diameter. It’s a very quiet machine, with three speeds available powered with a strong condenser motor, and comes ready to cut, thread and ream. The 6793 includes three self-opening notch-type die heads to allow for better accuracy, faster changes between pipe sizes and eliminates die switching. The 6794 uses a blade-type cutter, which works very well for plastic-lined pipe, while still being able to deal with steel pipe.

6” Threading Machines

When you need to cut or thread large pipe, the 6590 provides solid solutions. It features a self-opening notch-type die head and has through-head oiling to make the process go more smoothly and efficiently. It provides superior accuracy while still making changes between pipe sizes quickly and making quality threads. As a gear-driven system, it’s powered by a condenser motor, which creates a very low noise level, permitting usage in hospitals, factories and other areas where noise is a concern. It comes ready to cut, thread and ream pipe.

These strong threading machines will deliver solid results for your business or utility, letting you cross more tasks off of your list so you can get on with your day. But that’s not all we have to offer! At WHEELER-REX, we provide an easy single source for you to get a wide range of dynamic plumbing tools to keep your business moving. Contact us today for more information or to place and order for any of our tools.

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Helping the Next Generation Get Their Start

HCC Competition

One of the most exciting events on the trade show circuit is the National Craft Championships at the ABC Show. This event brings over 200 students and trainees together to challenge each other in contests ranging across 15 skilled trades. The winners of the NCC can truly say that they are the best of the best, until the next competition anyway!

At WHEELER-REX we’re always looking for opportunities to help people get started, grow, and learn in their careers; whether in plumbing, pipefitting, or water works. Skilled tradespeople are more necessary today than ever.

For the Pipefitting and Plumbing competitions, WHEELER-REX is proud to help by supplying our high-performance pipe threading machines. We make some of the best equipment in the business, and we’re proud to give the students at the NCC hands-on experience with it.

The NCC is a great way to get trainees and students excited about their craft and encourage other young people to join their ranks and find a great career in the trades.

For more information about the competition, check out

and if you’re at the show, see us at Booth #412.

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