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Quality Equipment Means Thorough Inspection

There’s only one thing worse than getting to a job site and finding out you don’t have the right equipment. Taking the time to procure the right equipment, only to have it not work properly.

At WHEELER-REX, we understand exactly how imperative it is to have the highest quality tools and equipment on your job site. Your customers don’t care about the background of a time delay. Poorly maintained or non-working equipment means you can’t get the job done on schedule or up to your usual standard. That reflects on your reputation and it’s not something that you can or should put up with in a supplier

That’s why we place quality control as a top priority for every single product that we sell.

Testing Equipment Should Be More Than Lip Service

You want to know that the equipment you invest in is as good as its sales material claims. So do we! That’s why our sales force and each of our technicians takes a great deal of time in learning about each of our models so that we can be transparent and honest in our recommendations.

Once you know which piece of equipment and model works best for your project, you still need to know that the equipment will get to you in top of the line working order. That’s where our quality control team steps in.

We test each product thoroughly before it leaves our premises. You’ll never get a threading machine with faulty wiring or a hydrostatic test pump that doesn’t reach its threshold without leaking.

Our Process and Your Quality Guarantee

At WHEELER-REX, we’re confident in our quality because we’ve tested and thoroughly vetted each piece of equipment with the same care we’d take on a tool being used in our own homes. We’ve built a protocol to make sure you’re getting the highest performance from your purchase because we know that your livelihood depends on it.

Each of our products is carefully assessed before it can be sold. This means an inspection to make certain that the manufacturing process went as expected. Once that completed, we test each piece in practice so that we know it performs exactly as it should under the same conditions it will be used in.

When you get a WHEELER-REX product, there are no surprises. It won’t stop working correctly half-way through a job. If you’re using the equipment to specifications and have properly maintained them, you’ll find they provide a high quality and durable performance every time.

You work in a high pressure and rugged industry. Your tools need to keep up with the workload.

We treat every product with the same level of inspection. Your small tools are just as important for optimal performance as the larger equipment can be, so we don’t cut corners anywhere.

Contact us today or browse our inventory for equipment you can depend on for your next project.

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Threading Machine Smackdown: A Look at the WHEELER-REX Lineup

When you need to thread and cut pipe quickly and effectively, you need strong machinery that will get the job done. At WHEELER-REX, our focus is on providing our clients with the best possible machinery to keep you and your crew working smarter, not harder. Our lineup of threading machines deliver strong results in the shop or field, allowing you to make solid progress on all of your tasks. Here’s a quick look at our entire lineup, giving you the information you need to see the differences between them.

1” Threading Machines

WHEELER-REX has four different 1” threading machines, all of which are full-featured threading machines. The 8991 threads pipe between ½” and 1”, with front and rear chucks, an auto-oiling auto-open notch-type die head, an automatic safety shutoff, a larger carriage and cutter handles for comfort of use and a unique one-blade reamer system. The 8992 has a variation where it comes with the 60131 manual-opening die head for both a ¼” to 1” NPT die as well as a ½” to ¾”, and 1” NPT dies. The 8993 includes two 1/2“ to 1” quick-opening 70131 die heads as well as a ½” to ¾”, and 1” NPT dies. To finish out their 1” line, the 8998 model is the same as the original 8991 model, but uses a 220V motor instead of a 100V motor.

2” Threading Machines

In the 2” threading machine, WHEELER-REX starts out with their 8090 model, which has complete interchangeability with Model 300 dies and heads. It’s a portable, compact threading machine that provides high performance, featuring a self-opening die head and through-the-head oiling system. It comes fully equipped for cutting, threading and reaming. The 8096 features two 80118 die heads, while the 8097 comes with a 897065 Universal Die Head that handles 1/8” to 2” pipe. The 8098, like the 8998 above, features a 220V motor.

4” Threading Machines

With a self-opening die head and through-die oiling, the 6790 delivers adjustable thread length, three-stage oil filtration and a three-flute reamer covering the entire pipe size range from 1/2” to 4” NPT in diameter. It’s a very quiet machine, with three speeds available powered with a strong condenser motor, and comes ready to cut, thread and ream. The 6793 includes three self-opening notch-type die heads to allow for better accuracy, faster changes between pipe sizes and eliminates die switching. The 6794 uses a blade-type cutter, which works very well for plastic-lined pipe, while still being able to deal with steel pipe.

6” Threading Machines

When you need to cut or thread large pipe, the 6590 provides solid solutions. It features a self-opening notch-type die head and has through-head oiling to make the process go more smoothly and efficiently. It provides superior accuracy while still making changes between pipe sizes quickly and making quality threads. As a gear-driven system, it’s powered by a condenser motor, which creates a very low noise level, permitting usage in hospitals, factories and other areas where noise is a concern. It comes ready to cut, thread and ream pipe.

These strong threading machines will deliver solid results for your business or utility, letting you cross more tasks off of your list so you can get on with your day. But that’s not all we have to offer! At WHEELER-REX, we provide an easy single source for you to get a wide range of dynamic plumbing tools to keep your business moving. Contact us today for more information or to place and order for any of our tools.

plastic pipe cutter line up
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An Introduction to WHEELER-REX’s Line of Professional Plastic Pipe Tools

When you’re in the field, you need the right tools for the job. With so much of the market using plastic pipe these days, having the right tools to work with that pipe can make a big difference in your productivity and bottom line.  WHEELER-REX understands the needs of our clients and has developed a range of tools to make it easier and more cost-effective to run every job. Here’s a look at some of the top plastic pipe tools we offer.

Pipe Hog

For larger-diameter pipe fittings, the Pipe Hog works to effectively clear out any remaining adhesive and excess pipe that may have been left over in the fitting. The Pipe Hog ensures that Schedule 40 plastic fittings are reusable. This allows you to save money on replacement fittings, whether you’re reusing older fittings or simply fixing those that have been mis-installed. Instead of losing money on the process, make a solid investment in this tool and start gaining money on projects. If you have a drill that will take a ½” bit, you already have all the other tools you need to get the job done with 1 – ½”, 2”, 3” or 4” PVC pipe fittings. This allows you to simply replace the broken section of piping without having to make additional extensive repairs.

Fitting Saver

Fitting SaverMuch like the Pipe Hog, the Fitting Saver works to quickly remove any remaining pipe adhesive and excess pipe in a fitting, allowing for its reuse. The tool is simply inserted into your existing drill set, and then rotates to simply remove the existing material, providing you with a clean fitting that can be reused in any number of different situations, whether to simply replace one part of the fitting or remove the old pipe from the entire plastic fitting. It can be quickly fit into a standard 3/8” drill chuck and there are parts available to fit Schedule 40, Schedule 80, IPS and CTS fittings in 1/2”, ¾”, and 1” sizes.

Internal Plastic Cutter

Interal Plastic Cutter

Tired of having to clean up your pipes before gluing them up or dealing with poor-quality cuts that aren’t squared up on the ends? The Internal Plastic Cutter gives you a much better finish and accuracy than a simple hacksaw or reciprocating saw will. Its blades cut from the inside of the PVC or ABS pipe outward, giving you a clean, square cut simply using a drill to make the cut. It works well for pipes from 1 – ½” to 6” in diameter using a drill that will accept a ½” bit, with a recommended speed of 350-450 RPM and from 4.6 to 6 amps.

Beveling Tool

Considering using a gasketed pipe system but having a hard time dealing with beveling the pipe edges to ensure a proper connection? Our beveling tool quickly and evenly removes material to create a smooth edge for the gasket to bind up to. It allows you to make a quick, solid, leak-proof connection for your drain lines, including SDR35 and Schedule 40 pipe up to 12” in diameter by simply attaching the beveler to the pipe and rotating it to get a smooth, 15” bevel all the way around, while the wide base prevents issues with twisting and torqueing seen in competitor’s bevelers.

When you’re using the right tools on the job, you can get more work done quickly without a loss of hassles while saving money. Please feel free to reach out today with any questions, for more information or to place an order for some of these dynamic plumbing tools that help you get the job done right.

valvemaster portable valve exerciser
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What Are the Advantages of the ValveMaster Portable Valve Exerciser?

It always happens at the worst possible time. You’ve got an emergency call at three in the morning and need to get a valve opened up for a factory. Your water utility has a line burst during some wicked cold winter weather and the crew on site can’t get the valve to close. You have a new person overseeing your department who thinks every valve in existence needs to be exercised right now. Whatever your specific situation, being able to quickly and reliably open and close valves can make a huge difference in how well you can respond to these issues. Fortunately, the ValveMaster Portable Valve Exerciser provides a solid tool to get the job done quickly and easily.

11 Advantages of the ValveMaster Portable Valve Exerciser

  1. Like the solid performance of truck-mounted units but not the expensive price tag? The ValveMaster delivers the same level of strong performance at a fraction of the cost of similar truck-mounted units.
  2. Why should you tie yourself down to a single vehicle? Our 2” ball hitch trailer coupling and mounting of the exerciser allows you to take it where it needs to go with a light vehicle, not just the one it’s permanently attached to.
  3. When a valve is stuck tight, you need solid power to get it to move. The ValveMaster deals well with even the largest of valves, applying up to 600 foot-pounds of variable torque to your valve.
  4. Worried about shear or bending the frame? The heavy-duty materials combined with a unique frame design absorbs torque, permitting a safe, effortless operation by a single person without losing any stability.
  5. Need a longer reach to be able to watch the valve at the same time that you’re operating the ValveMaster? The exerciser is designed with a telescoping control arm to allow easier movement around the work site.
  6. Worried about long-term performance, reliability and durability? The ValveMaster is attached to a rugged, welded steel chassis for years of dependable service. It even has a compact 5’-wide wheelbase, delivering amazing accessibility in even the most confined areas.
  7. Why bring out a bunch of other machinery when one piece of equipment helps you do the job? The equipment includes several auxiliary connections, allowing you to use it as a hydraulic power source for a wide range of other tools.
  8. Worried about how long the equipment will last? Don’t! The strong, durable motor is covered by solid two-year warranty, giving you peace of mind in your investment.
  9. Tired of machinery that requires pull after pull to kick the engine over? The ValveMaster uses a simple key-operated electric-start engine, allowing your crew fast starts and less time spent trying to get it to work.
  10. How many times did you turn that valve again? It can be easy to lose track of your count during the daily grind, which is why we include a digital revolution counter so you don’t have to.
  11. Have a deep valve to reach and not quite sure how to get to it? We know folks in northern climates have deep-seated valves, so we include an 8’ telescoping key.


The ValveMaster Portable Valve Exerciser gives you a solid tool in the field to get valves moving and keep them moving, even when corrosion, temperature and just plain stubbornness keeps them from otherwise being operable. If you’re interested in learning about how this piece of quality equipment can help you keep your water utility or operation running smoothly, the experienced professionals at WHEELER-REX are here to help. Please feel free to reach out today to learn more, with any questions, or to place an order for top-quality tools and equipment to keep your operation flowing.

plumber during slow season
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Top 5 Ways Plumbers Can Make Their Slow Season More Productive

For anyone in the trades, slow season is often greeted with a large sigh of relief. That’s because slow season usually occurs right after an explosion of work. When you’re in the field and office more than twelve hours a day for an extended period of time, no work sounds pretty enticing.

While many tradesmen operate in a feast or famine mode, your business thrives when you use all of your time productively. During slow season, it’s the perfect opportunity to assess your business, organize for the coming year, and launch marketing efforts to engage new (and previous) customers.

Top 5 Ways Plumbers Can Use the Slow Season More Productively

If the summer and fall months had you working long hours, it might be tempting to stop concentrating on work when the phone has quieted down. However, if you use the time productively, you can increase your revenue and organize your business for a more streamlined, less stressful coming year. There are a lot of marketing and organizational initiatives that can help your business.

Try these five tips to improve your business during your slow period.

  1. Plan Training for Personnel. Whether you run a small plumbing business or have numerous employees, adding training to your yearly routine keeps your technicians up to date on the latest techniques and helps bolster your reputation. Take this time to assess skills and see where there might be the need for additional training among your staff. You can also use this time to upgrade other skills that will benefit your business – networking with other professionals in the industry, upgrading your administrative process, or improving your marketing outreach.
  2. Update or Create Your Business Plan. If you don’t have a business plan, take the opportunity to create one. This will help you see where your business is, and what goals or benchmarks you should be striving for during the course of the year. If you do have a plan that’s getting dust in the back of a file cabinet or lost somewhere in the documents on your computer, pull it out and assess it thoroughly.
  3. Assess Your Needs for the Coming Year. Take a solid day and assess all of your business protocols so that you can better judge your needs in the immediate future. You might make a list of different areas where you want to see improvements. You might also see a need to hire more people as the work picks up or when upcoming projects start. When you’re organized in advance, you have the opportunity to take some time in hiring the right people and launching good initiatives to further your business.
  4. Assess Your Marketing and Upselling Techniques. Marketing is a key factor to any business. Take a good look at how you’re getting your name in front of prospective clients and see if there are easy ways to attract new business or upsell existing customers. The slow season is a good time to go over client files and invoices from the year. Note clients who indicated that they had additional work they wanted to pull off for later and make sure that you reach out to them. You might also send out reminders for yearly maintenance needs.
  5. Equipment Maintenance. Your slow season is a great time to go through all of your equipment and make sure it’s in working order. Conduct an inventory of your equipment and have everything assessed. At WHEELER-REX, we have service centers all over the globe, so we can get you and your tools back to work – fast!


Using your slow periods productively means that your business is better organized to handle large projects and the stress of the busy season. Look at this time period as an opportunity to invest time in your own business that will pay off in profits throughout the year.

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As a leader in pipe tools for professionals, WHEELER-REX has spent more than 60 years in the industry. We know what you need in order to get the job done right the first time, without spending a ton of money to do so. We have test pumps to meet any industry need, including our newest addition to the lineup, our triple diaphragm test pumps.

About WHEELER-REX Test Pumps

Our collection of test pumps ranges from gas to electrically powered hydrostatic test pumps. In addition, we have recently added a few new models to our triple diaphragm line of pumps. Here is a complete list of our WHEELER-REX test pumps:

  • Gas powered hydrostatic test pumps including our diaphragm pump series, twin piston pump series, and roller pump series.
  • Electrically powered hydrostatic test pumps including portable series, twin piston pump series, and plunger pump series
  • Manual powered hydrostatic test pumps including models 29200, 29201, and 29900
  • Specialty hydrostatic test pumps including pneumatic powered, electric or gas-powered fire hose, and trash pumps


Each of these test pumps is designed using decades of hands-on experience and advanced features. In addition, all of the WHEELER-REX test pumps features a comprehensive warranty in case there is ever an issue. We fully back our test pumps so that you can choose our equipment with confidence.

Applications of Test Pumps

With our line of industrial strength test pumps, plumbers and contractors can finally have an affordable, reliable tool on hand. As a distributor interested in the most durable, user-friendly test pumps, the WHEELER-REX brand is renowned for being cost-effective and simple to use over the long term.

By providing you and your distribution network with the most complete lineup of test pumps in the industry, you cover all bases and all jobs. There is next to nothing that your customers will need outside of the WHEELER-REX line of test pumps. This makes your job easier as a distributor while also instilling confidence in your choice of test pumps and associated equipment.

Whether you are a plumber or a distributor, by saving yourself time and money, you extend these savings to your customers. A customer who can save money by choosing your company for quality services will be a customer for life. Build up your brand by utilizing the best test pumps made in the USA that you can buy at WHEELER-REX.

Triple Diaphragm Test Pumps

Our latest addition of the triple diaphragm test pumps offers multiple benefits for your business. These include the following test pump models:

  • Gas triple diaphragm test pumps models 465010 and 567o1o
  • Gas diaphragm hydrostatic test pumps models 466000 and 468000
  • Comet brand triple test pumps models 465210 and 465230


Each of these industrial test pumps is equipped to handle up to 10 percent chlorine solutions. Either of these hardworking triple diaphragm test pumps is a cost-effective solution that helps you increase revenue for your business.

Purchase WHEELER-REX Test Pumps Today

Prepare for whatever the work week throws your way with WHEELER-REX test pumps in your arsenal of tools and equipment. With the WHEELER-REX Advantage, you benefit from a premium quality product design using state of the art materials.

Our extensive collection of industrial grade test pumps is built for professional performance in the workplace. Contact WHEELER-REX today to request a product catalog, price list, or to place an order for test pumps today.

Wheeler-Rex Hot Tap Kits
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In the waterworks industry, having a handy and effective way to cut pipe is a necessity. With a Hot Tap Kit, you can add a new water line with minimal interference from the rest of the system. No more shutting down the entire street when you need to perform professional pipe services as a contractor or municipal worker. When you choose the WHEELER-REX Hot Tap Kits, you also gain convenience. Learn more about how our Hot Tap Kits can benefit you below.

Our Hot Tap Kits

WHEELER-REX offers nine Hot Tap Kits. Each of the kits features a hot tapping system designed for steel, copper pipe, cast iron, ductile iron, and plastic pipe. The kits are well-made using the highest grade materials and feature a premium design. In fact, WHEELER-REX has 60 years of experience in manufacturing this type of tool. The company understands what pipe professionals need in hot tapping systems, and provides a line of products that fulfill that need.

The kits are made to last and to perform within 250 pounds per square inch of pressure. At the same time, you don’t have to go through a great deal of manual labor to get the hot tapping tools to work. The WHEELER-REX kits for hot tapping are hand-operated for one person to do with ease. The system is designed to drill holes with very little energy or effort.

Using a Hot Tap Kit

You are also relieved of having to figure out how to conduct the process of adding a new water line on your own. With the hot tapping systems, everything is included for an easy-to-understand process. Each of the high-quality hot tapping kits is designed for professional grade water line maintenance, repairs, and service. You get everything you need in a heavy-duty case that ensures everything will be within arm’s reach when you are ready to use it.

It is the ideal system for pipe professionals in the plumbing industry. You will want to have at least one of the hot tap kits by WHEELER-REX on hand. You don’t have to go through a great deal of manual labor to get the hot tapping tools to work. You will appreciate being prepared for those difficult, emergency jobs that require a new water line.

Available Hot Tap Kits

There are nine different Hot Tap Kits in the WHEELER-REX line-up. Each kit is specifically designed to cut a particular material. Check out the different hot tap kits to find the solution that best suits your needs:

  • Model 8100 features 1″ NPT adapters and is used for steel and copper pipe; geared at the fire department industry
  • Model 8200 offers 1″ CTS flare adapters for cutting steel and copper
  • Model 8201 also features 1″ CTS flare adapters for cutting plastic pipe
  • Model 8202 is more extensive in sizing and used for large arbor assembly plastic pipe
  • Model 8203 specializes in cutting ductile and cast iron, featuring cutter shells and flare adapters
  • Model 8204 is used for ductile and cast iron including large arbor assembly
  • Model 8205 cuts through plastic, ductile iron, and cast iron using flare adapters and shell cutters
  • Model 8206 is the most conclusive kit; see below
  • Model 8300 cuts steel and copper pipe with BSPT adapters and HSS cutters


Meet Model 8206

The most popular hot tap kit by WHEELER-REX is Model 8206. It’s the most complete kit for ductile iron and plastic pipework. However, each kit is designed to fully provide hot tapping solutions.

Choose Your Hot Tap Kit Today

Learn more about how to find your hot water tapping kit today by contacting WHEELER-REX.

WHEELER-REX Snippers and Tubing Cutters
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Top Features of the Best Snippers and Tubing Cutters

Here at WHEELER-REX, we take pride in providing customers with the #1 choice in professional pipe and tubing cutters. Our new line of snippers and tubing cutters are durable enough to handle everything from DIY to professional projects. Plus, the rolling mechanism lets you get into impossible-to-reach places. Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials and ergonomic designs, you can finally have the cutting tools that you have always wanted. Save yourself the stress of poor pipe cutting and go with WHEELER-REX’s new lineup of professional grade snippers and tube cutters.

Useful for the Average Joe

The new collection of snippers and tubing cutters available at WHEELER-REX is made with the Average Joe in mind. You don’t need to have a certificate or read an instruction manual to use our tools. You won’t need to watch how-to videos or sign up for safety training sessions.

Each of our new tubing cutters and snippers is designed to be easy to use. Our line of cutters is applicable for weekend projects around the house. Yet the real test comes from the plumbers, contractors, and other industry pros who depend on the WHEELER-REX tubing cutters every day.

Ergonomic Design

Speaking of industry professionals who need a dependable pipe cutting tool, they want something easy to use. The ergonomic design of our snippers and tubing cutters protects against carpal tunnel and other repetitive use syndromes. Instead of getting hand cramps after five or more cuts, choose a safer technique.

The WHEELER-REX tubing cutters and snippers are designed to do all the work for you. Quick to cut, these pipe cutting tools help you get the job done fast without leaving you with painful hands.


Once you find a tubing cutter or snipper that you like, you want to keep it around for a while. Opt for the WHEELER-REX line of high-performance cutters. These tools feature stainless steel tubing cutters in three different sizes. The stainless steel cutters feature maximum corrosion resistance.

You can also purchase glass tube cutters especially formulate to cut through glass efficiently. Each of our specialized cutters is made using professional-grade materials and industry-tested designs. You benefit from having dependable tools ready to tackle any task.

Wide Range of Sizes

When you are faced with a tight deadline, you want to have all the right tools readily available. Yet buying, storing and maintaining dozens of different sizes of snippers and tubing cutters is cost-prohibitive for your business. Instead, opt for three tools that give you the greatest range.

The WHEELER-REX line of tubing cutters and snippers extends from 1/8 to 6-5/8 inches. Among the dozen different tubing cutters and four different snippers, you can narrow down your selection to just three tools.

The Quick Release models are available in three sizes – 1/4 to 3 inches; 2 to 5 inches; and 4 to 6-5/8 inches. These popular sizes will save you space and money by covering the majority of your pipe and tube cutting needs.

Select the Best Tubing Cutters and Snippers

As you shop for the best tubing cutters and snippers,  look no further than WHEELER-REX. Based in Ohio, the WHEELER-REX brand of snippers and cutters offer you the best value for your money.

We sell the #1 best tubing cutter for plumbers and contractors. Whether you need to purchase cutting tools for PVC or copper, we have you covered. Our tubing cutters are designed to work with minimal clearance in the tightest nooks and crannies.

Contact WHEELER-REX today to find out where you can purchase our snippers and tubing cutters near your! We have distributors throughout the US along with online retailers ready to serve you.

WHEELER-REX Tubing Cutter
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3 Benefits of Choosing the WHEELER-REX Tubing Cutter for Contractors

As a contractor, your time is money. The quicker you can complete a task, the faster your customers are satisfied and you get paid. Certain tools, technology, and equipment suits this purpose including the WHEELER-REX Model 4992 Tubing Cutter. Industry professionals agree that this tubing cutter gets the job done while offering you additional benefits. Learn more about the reasons why you want to add this tube cutter to your toolbox today.

Close Quarters Cutter

Most of the time you need to cut pipe that you cannot reach easily. Instead of breaking down or taking apart unnecessary elements, grab the WHEELER-REX Tube Cutter. Designed for close quarters cutting, you can easily slip into small spaces when using this innovative cutting device. It is adjustable and ready to get into those tight quarters.

For contractors and businesses interested in shaving off valuable time on service calls, this tube cutter is hands down a must-have tool. You need minimal clearance and workspace when using this handy device. Check out our video to learn more about the WHEELER-REX Tubing Cutter and to see it in action.

Flexibility and Capabilities

Choosing a pipe cutting device starts with considering the size of piping you typically deal with most often. Opt for a tubing cutter that is going to give you the greatest reach, quite literally. When you select WHEELER-REX Model 4992 Tube Cutter you can cut any pipe with a diameter measuring between 1/4 to 2 3/8 inches. This covers most of your standard size tubing and pipe that you will encounter in the workplace.

In addition, this pipe cutting tool is capable of cutting apart plastic tubing and non-ferrous pipe. Traps and tailpieces associated with pipe cutting can also be cut efficiently using the WHEELER-REX Tube Cutter. No more stopping and switching tools just to accommodate an odd size pipe or tubing. Our top-rated tubing cutter covers most all of your pipe cutting needs. Along with cutting plastic tubing, the cutter can just as easily slice through a copper pipe.

Reduce Waste

In the construction and contractor sectors, one of the biggest losses comes in the form of construction waste. According to Construction Dive, the amount of construction waste around the world is set to double by 2025 to 2.2 billion tons. In addition to becoming an environmental issue, all of this waste costs contractors money. Construction waste is the result of mistakes wastes perfectly usable materials and jeopardizes the number of natural resources we have remaining on the planet.

Do you want to spend time and money fixing your own mistakes due to improper tube cutting equipment? Very few contractors do. This is where the WHEELER-REX Tube Cutter saves a substantial amount. By using this tube cutter you can potentially avoid costly contracting errors. At the same time, your contracting firm is on trend with providing sustainability in the construction industry. If your company is interested in taking a green approach to business, this is a perfect opportunity to sell that concept to your customers.

Choose Pipe Cutters Today

As you shop around for the best pipe cutters on the market, look no further than WHEELER-REX Model 4992 Tube Cutter. This redesigned tube cutting device is made to handle pipe cutting for all of your contracting jobs. No more sawing pipe or tubing. No more loose joints due to excessive manual labor. Save time and money while making your job a lot easier. Contact WHEELER-REX or call 1-800-321-7950 to buy now. More than 80,000 units of this tubing cutter have already been purchased. Buy your tubing cutter today!

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Is Your Plumbing Website Working For You Or Against You?

Having a website is like having a cellphone, without one it’s hard to live your life, let alone successfully run a business. However, in an age where 90 percent of consumers read online reviews before deciding to use a company’s products or services, and 93 percent never look beyond the first page of search engine results, a website must do more than simply exist. In order to attract consumers, build brand loyalty, and grow your business, your website needs to have a few key attributes.

4 Must-Have Plumbing Website Features
Almost every home or office will have to call a plumber at least once a year. To find the best plumber, the majority of consumers will turn to a quick Internet search. Upon visiting a website the consumer will decide in less than nine seconds if they want to learn more or visit a different site. When first impressions mean getting the call for a new job or watching your competitors take all of the new clients, it’s vital that your plumbing website works for you, not against you. If you want your website to be more than a URL, then you’ll need to use the following four features to attract customers and build your business.

  1. Clearly listed services. — New customers are typically calling about specific services. As such, your website needs to provide a bulleted list of your services along with a brief description and a linked contact us call to action. By listing your services and a small description you can optimize each page for certain keywords. For example, under the Residential Services page you might discuss clogged drains, frozen pipes, sewer system repairs, water lines, sump pumps, and plumbing maintenance. Remember that 93 percent of consumers won’t look past the first page of search engine results, which means that the right keywords and SEO best practicesneed to be used if you want to reach the top results.


  1. Links to products. — Does your plumbing company use certain products? Does your team specialize in working with certain brands? If you answered yes to these questions, then you need to include descriptions and links to these products or brands. A customer wouldn’t take their Porsche to a mechanic who specializes in Hondas, so why would they use a plumber who doesn’t specialize in repairing their Miele, G.E., Wolf, Samsung, Maytag, etc.? In addition to mentioning your team’s specialties you should also let customers know that your plumbing company only uses the highest quality tools and materials, such as those provided by WHEELER-REX.


  1. A blog with helpful articles. — It’s not enough to simply state that your plumbing company is “the best,” or “incredibly knowledgeable,” or “dedicated to high quality work,” instead, you must show these attributes. A blog is a great way to establish your status as an industry expert. Whether you want to discuss the dangers of DIY plumbing on leaky pipes or create an infographic that showcases the warning signs of a faulty furnace, a blog is a great way to show future customers that your team is truly the number one choice.


  1. The right mobile friendly layout. — Over 60 percent of online searches are conducted from smartphones or tablet devices. Simply put, your website is working against you if it is not mobile friendly. To make your website mobile friendly, make sure that the content is easy to read, paragraphs are written in manageable sizes, graphics and photos load quickly, embedded links are easy to find, and contact information is prominently displayed. When people are on-the-go they don’t want to spend precious minutes searching for information. Instead, they want to open your site, see that you offer the desired residential or commercial plumbing services, and click on an embedded contact us phone link to call to make an appointment.


Make Your Plumbing Website More Than A Page On The Screen
A plumbing website doesn’t have to be filled with fancy graphics to be effective. It doesn’t have to contain pages of information to be informative. Instead, if you want your website to work for you, then it needs to clearly list your services with an appropriate call to action, include links to high quality products, feature a blog with useful (and up-to-date) articles, and be mobile friendly. Through these four features you can increase the effectiveness of your plumbing website as you look to find new customers, increase brand loyalty, and successfully grow your business.