testing product quality

Quality Equipment Means Thorough Inspection

There’s only one thing worse than getting to a job site and finding out you don’t have the right equipment. Taking the time to procure the right equipment, only to have it not work properly.

At WHEELER-REX, we understand exactly how imperative it is to have the highest quality tools and equipment on your job site. Your customers don’t care about the background of a time delay. Poorly maintained or non-working equipment means you can’t get the job done on schedule or up to your usual standard. That reflects on your reputation and it’s not something that you can or should put up with in a supplier

That’s why we place quality control as a top priority for every single product that we sell.

Testing Equipment Should Be More Than Lip Service

You want to know that the equipment you invest in is as good as its sales material claims. So do we! That’s why our sales force and each of our technicians takes a great deal of time in learning about each of our models so that we can be transparent and honest in our recommendations.

Once you know which piece of equipment and model works best for your project, you still need to know that the equipment will get to you in top of the line working order. That’s where our quality control team steps in.

We test each product thoroughly before it leaves our premises. You’ll never get a threading machine with faulty wiring or a hydrostatic test pump that doesn’t reach its threshold without leaking.

Our Process and Your Quality Guarantee

At WHEELER-REX, we’re confident in our quality because we’ve tested and thoroughly vetted each piece of equipment with the same care we’d take on a tool being used in our own homes. We’ve built a protocol to make sure you’re getting the highest performance from your purchase because we know that your livelihood depends on it.

Each of our products is carefully assessed before it can be sold. This means an inspection to make certain that the manufacturing process went as expected. Once that completed, we test each piece in practice so that we know it performs exactly as it should under the same conditions it will be used in.

When you get a WHEELER-REX product, there are no surprises. It won’t stop working correctly half-way through a job. If you’re using the equipment to specifications and have properly maintained them, you’ll find they provide a high quality and durable performance every time.

You work in a high pressure and rugged industry. Your tools need to keep up with the workload.

We treat every product with the same level of inspection. Your small tools are just as important for optimal performance as the larger equipment can be, so we don’t cut corners anywhere.

Contact us today or browse our inventory for equipment you can depend on for your next project.