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Tradeshow 2018 Schedule: Experience WHEELER-REX Quality in Person

WHEELER-REX Tradeshow Backdrop

You know we take quality personally, and the best way to experience WHEELER-REX quality is in person. We’ll be at the following shows this year, so stop by and experience the difference yourself!

Check back often to see what new shows we’re going to.

Omni Distributor Meetings               February 4-6            Palm Desert, CA

Grainger Show                                        February 11-13          Orlando, FL

ARA Show                                                  February 18-21         New Orleans, LA

WASDA Annual Meeting                     February 25-28        Palm Desert, CA

ABC/Nat’l Craft Championship        March 18-22             Long Beach, CA

Standard Plumbing Show                   March 22                    Sandy, UT

DPA Annual Meeting                             May 20-22                Orlando, FL

AWWA Trade Show                                 June 11-14                 Las Vegas, NV

AFSA Trade Show                                    Sep 30 – Oct 3          Washington, D.C.

Net Plus Annual Meeting                     October 7-9             Phoenix, AZ

Service World Expo                                October 10-12          Las Vegas, NV

PHCC Trade Show                                   October 10-12          Albuquerque, NM

WASDA Fall Meeting                              October 15-17          Indianapolis, IN

STAFDA                                                        October 28-30         Phoenix , AZ

Equity Annual Meeting                         October 29-31          Chicago, IL

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or call 1-800-321-7950 for more tradeshow information.

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Our Demo Van is Coming Your Way…


And it’s loaded with tons of new products. Come out and experience the WHEELER-REX difference for yourself. Our sales staff is on hand at every stop to demonstrate how WHEELER-REX quality can make your work easier and to answer any questions you might have about how a product is used, our excellent customer support, and anything else they can help you with.

WHEELER-REX Demo Van Interior

We take quality personally, and the best way to experience WHEELER-REX quality is in person, so stop by when the van rolls through your town.

WHEELER-REX Demo Van Interior product demo

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If you want the demo van to stop in your town, please contact
or call 1-800-321-7950.


2018 Stops:

  • FEBRUARY –  California
  • MARCH – Oregon, Washington, Idaho
  • MAY – TBD
  • JUNE – TBD
  • JULY – TBD
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No Swing Space Needed: Close-Quarters Tubing Cutter UP TO 2-3/8”

WHEELER-REX 4992 Close-Quarters Tubing CutterContractors and other professionals know that when it comes to some specific jobs, working in tight spaces can’t be avoided. If you work on plumbing, air conditioning, or commercial boilers WHEELER-REX’s new Close-Quarters Tubing Cutter can make things a lot easier.

The new Model 4992 is the perfect solution when you need to cut but just don’t have room, because it doesn’t need any swing space to do its job. This feature makes it ideal for working underneath vanities, close to walls, wastes and overflows, and other confined spaces. Using the Close-Quarters Tubing Cutter prevents sawing, so you avoid loose joints.

WHEELER-REX 4992 Close-Quarters Tubing Cutter
Four rollers help create more stable cut.

The Model 4992 is adjustable from 1/4” to 2-3/8” outer diameter for non-ferrous tubing and plastic pipe with the included cutter wheel for plastic, and it cuts thin wall materials like traps and tailpieces without distortion.

WHEELER-REX 4992 Close-Quarters Tubing Cutter cutting wheel change.
No tool required for fast wheel change.
WHEELER-REX Replacement blade of plastic No. 8033.
Replacement blade of plastic No. 8033.


WHEELER-REX Standard replacement blade No. 8038
Standard replacement blade No. 8038.

The WHEELER-REX Model 4992 Close-Quarters Tubing Cutter, American-made and we take quality personally.

Contact us:

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Welcome to WHEELER-REX News!

Welcome to WHEELER-REX’s News and Events page- your source for WHEELER-REX news and specials in real time!

WHEELER-REX offers a complete line of pipe tools for the piping professional. But here’s what really sets WHEELER-REX apart from other makers of tools. We know it’s more than just a tool. It’s your livelihood. It’s your reputation. It’s your mortgage. It’s your daughter’s dance lessons. You need tools as serious about your work as you are. You need WHEELER-REX tools.

In 1988, Wheeler became part of the Rex Industries family. Rex Industries produces the highest quality and largest variety of pipe threading machines in the world. Rex has developed advanced threader features such as oiling through the die head, auto-open die heads, notch-type quick adjustments, and ball detent die location. The well-known Rex quality is backed up by the best warranty in the business.

WHEELER-REX products are sold exclusively through our extensive network of authorized distributors and service centers. To find your nearest location, contact 800-321-7950 or complete and submit our contact form for a fast response.

Simply put, WHEELER-REX makes the hardest working pipe tools. Period.